are they really all the same?


I don’t know about you, but I keep seeing sponsored ads on my social media comparing another oil company to Young Living. Today’s ad was the most hilarious one yet. Their Frank compared to ours. I can’t remember exactly the numbers they used, but a quick google search shows their 10ml Frankincense costing all of $16. Sorry can’t touch that price. Not for REAL Frankincense.

Not when you consider that Young Living owns farms. We own land with clean, unspoiled dirt that is full of life! We have living creatures under the surface because they haven’t been killed with pesticides and fertilizer. They are thriving. The earth moves. If it doesn’t, we won’t plant there.

We own the distilleries. That’s right, we distill the plant juice from the plants at just the right time after they are harvested at the right temperature, the right pressure, and the right amount of time. Did you know that makes a difference? Sitting in the sun to bring out the oil is an exact science. And our farmers and distillers KNOW what they are doing.

I recently learned that when they harvest Melissa, it won’t produce oil if the plant hits the ground after they cut it. So,Young Living created a truck with a conveyor belt to catch the fresh cut Melissa before it hits the ground. A 10′ round x 10′ deep still filled with Melissa produces about a quart of oil. So, it’s not only picky in how it can be handled when it is harvested, even then, it doesn’t produce much oil. Pure, unadulterated, undiluted Melissa oil is expensive. Seriously. How can it not be?

Let me ask you this: if you go to a fast food joint for a burger, do you expect the same quality of beef you’ll get at a high end steakhouse with Angus beef? Why not? Would you expect the same nutrients to be living in that beef? But, they both have bold claims of all beef and fresh and their pictures may even look like they are juicy and good. They can say anything they want in the advertisement, within a certain limit.

In the essential oil world.there are no limits to what companies can say about their oils. They can literally say anything they want about the quality and CONTENT of the bottle of oil. They can claim organic and get away with it (it’s not a food, so it isn’t regulated the same way). They can have 2 drops of real oil (or NONE!) and say it is 100% pure because there are no labeling laws governing essential oils.

On a tour of our Highland Flats Farm in ID with Mario, one of the experts on the farm.

We are a trusting people, but we also tend to be selective. We will trust new brand x to tell us the truth, even when they are lying about consistent, faithful brand A. Because we want to believe that we can get the quality and faithfulness of the real deal for a steal. Man! Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to pay the hard workers their fair wage to labor in the fields, to distill with exact precision, to test at the highest standard in the industry, to bottle up, ship, and educate us about oils? Wouldn’t it be great to get a higher yield of plants because of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to cut the cost and still not have a negative impact on the oil produced?

Well, maybe. But that’s a fantasy. To get quality ANYTHING, you’re going to pay more. Furniture, sheets, clothes, shoes, beef, and oils. When it comes to things effecting your actual wellness, effecting your very DNA, I chose the best oils on the planet. Don’t fall for the slick schemes that deep down you wish were true.

You and your family depend on it.

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