How to use essential oils

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One of the things I love about using essential oils is that they are so easy to use! You definitely don’t need to be an aromatherapist to use oils, but let’s break down the basics to take the guesswork out of it for you.

Three basic ways to use oils:

AROMATICALLY: With this method, you breathe the oils in. This can be done by adding a couple of drops to your hand, cupping your mouth and nose, and breathing in. Alternatively, you can use your diffuser! Put 6-8 drops of an oil or a combo of oils in your diffuser. The diffuser will send the oil into the air and fill the room with your essential oils. This is a fabulous way to scent your home without the toxic load of candles and plug in air fresheners (which actually are pollutants!).

TOPICALLY: Apply essential oils to your skin. 

Diluting first is recommended for some of the “spicy” oils. A conservative dilution would be one drop of essential oil with 10-15 drops of coconut, grape seed, or almond oil and then apply it to your skin.

Citrus oils like Lemon are photosensitive. Please avoid sun exposure for 12 hours after application to areas where you have applied citrus oils topically. 

Avoid putting essentials oils in the eyes or ears directly. If you accidentally get essential oil in your eye, use a fatty liquid to rinse your eye (milk, for example). Or, you can dab the corner of your eye with a napkin that has been dipped in a carrier oil, such as coconut, olive, or avocado oil.

INTERNALLY: Young Living Vitality oils are pure and are labeled as Generally Regarded as Safe by the Food and Drug Administration. They also have earned the non-GMO certification. Because of their purity, some people like to ingest their oils to avoid “smelling” like an oil, or to support their body from the inside out. You can add them to dips, sauces, water (in a glass or stainless cup), or take using a vegetable capsule.

There is no right or wrong way to use oils. Chose one and try it out! Try out each option to see which ones you prefer. In our home, we use all three methods.

As you can see, using essential oils is simple and fun! It’s really hard to get it wrong. If in doubt, dilute your oils. It will slow down the absorption into your skin. Play around with diffuser recipes. In recipes, start with a toothpick dipped into your oil to add to your recipe and go up from there as desired. In no time at all, your confidence will soar!

We only recommend and use Young Living essential oils because we know their purity is one that we trust. Because most essential oil companies use fillers, pesticides, and fertilizers, we would never recommend them for any of these methods of use. Need help ordering your own Young Living oils? We are happy to help! Click here to get started!

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